Private Charity Funds, Company Donations or non-gift Aid donations

Account Description & Benefits

You would make one larger donation to AAC and then make smaller donations from their account at AAC to charities of your choice.

On a tax return one simply records AAC’s name and charity number as the recipient of this donation. There is no need to submit details of the individual payments from the AAC account.


Standard AAC Benefits:

  • Easily make donations to over 2,600 Jewish organisations using our charity vouchers or our online account-management platform
  • Keep track of your transactions online, with extensive reporting and searching tools
  • Receive monthly statements
  • No more need to chase after and retain receipts for all your donations
  • Efficiently donate to international organisations
  • Opt in to receive a SMS/Text message when your account is low
  • Benefit from our extremely efficient and personal service – coupled with fast processing of all requests.

Unique Benefits to this account type:

  • Only one entry on your tax return
  • May reduce the need for you to have a book keeper to manage separate accounts and monitor all usage
  • For executors of a will who are required to donate to a charity, but have not decided the recipients. The full amount may be paid to AAC and the actual allocation made at a later date
  • Donations can be made to smaller charities who find it easier to process a voucher than a cheque
  • Very simple to make anonymous donations through your online account.

How to join

Complete and submit the form below to open an account.

You will then be required to send a cheque or make a direct payment to AAC:

To pay by cheque:

(charity number 278387)
and send them to our offices at
35 Templars Avenue. London NW11 0NU.
Tel +44 (0) 208 731 8988

To make a standing order:

126 Station Road,
Edgware, Middx. HA8 7RY
Achisomoch Aid Co. Ltd.
Sort Code 20-29-60
Account no 2033 2003
AND mention your name and client number as the reference.

How it Works

  • You open an account with AAC
  • You make one (larger) donation to AAC.
  • You are given a voucher/cheque book and login details to an online account – you can then make smaller donations – to charities of your choice.
  • On your tax return you simply record AAC’s details as the recipient of this donation.
  • AAC keeps track of all your donations and provide regular statements and (online) access to special reports – making it easier to track your charitable donations

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