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A day in the AAC office

March 11 2022

Shuli Chody and Aidel Katzel run our operations division and shared a few insights in the running of Achisomoch.

Can you tell us a bit about your working background?
Aidel:  I have been working at AAC for 8 years and my primary role is managing the finances for Achisomoch.  I’m a qualified Accounts Technician specialising in FRS105 Company Accounts & Tax Returns, and Payroll Management.  Having worked with a variety of businesses and charities, I use my knowledge and skills to manage the finances at AAC and assist with any tax queries.

Shuli: I joined Achisomoch two years ago and I manage Operations and Customer support. After completing my BA in Business Management and Accounting, I worked at a large telemarketing company in Israel improving the management structure and helping to increase their sales. At AAC I draw on my knowledge and experience to provide a high level of customer satisfaction and develop new initiatives.

Can you describe a typical week or day at AAC?
Aidel: I start my AAC day updating and reconciling the bank and clients’ accounts. Throughout the day in conjunction with my other work, I deal with higher-end queries, process international payments and Gift Aid claims, as well as providing financial reporting for the Trustees. Both Shuli and I attend frequent interdepartmental meetings to discuss and develop AAC at large.

Shuli: The office is a busy place to manage. The Operations team are dealing with queries from both clients and charities; processing voucher book orders; handling transactions into clients’ accounts; donations out to charities and integrating the growing number of crowd funding campaigns within AAC

Is there a part of your role that you particularly enjoy?
Aidel: Numbers, excel and caffeine are what keeps me going!

Shuli: Finding creative solutions for the more complex enquiries and requirements from our 2500 clients.

Is there a part of your role that you find challenging?
Aidel & Shuli: Working out which project to focus on next can be a challenge as there are always new ideas and exciting developments we would like to add.  We receive a lot of feedback excellent from clients about new facilities – its much appreciated, welcome and often implemented!

If there was something you could tell AAC clients, what would it be?
Aidel: We are always striving to do everything we can to increase your ease of giving with ongoing developments, particularly on online accounts for both clients and charities.

Shuli: There is so much functionality to be used on your online account and our new App – take a look around or call us if you want a demo.

Is there anything about AAC that people would be surprised to know?
Aidel: It’s incredible the amount of Tzedokoh that is given within the community.

Shuli: The complexity and scope of what is needed in order to provide you with your AAC account.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
We both feel a strong responsibility to continue the dedicated work that Naomi Cohen put into Achisomoch over so many decades, building it up to what it is today – we strive to provide you with the same levels of efficiency and service.

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