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Summary of the rules for donors and charities of AAC’s services

This document summarises the rules by which AAC receives donations and makes grants to charities. There are formal documents which form part of our contractual obligations to donors and recipients – a link is provided to the actual documents. Please note that this page is under ongoing development.

  • If you are a client/donor or a potential donor, please click here to view our client Terms & Conditions. Please note that companies and charitable trusts may also be treated as a client and the Terms and Conditions are equally applicable to them.
  • If you are a charity and received grants from us, please click here to view our Terms and Conditions for recipients. Please note that if you have not been verified by our compliance team, we cannot make grants to you.

You should read this rather long, but comprehensive, document prepared by HMRC https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/charities-detailed-guidance-notes/annex-ii-non-charitable-expenditure  which clarifies the definition of donations that are not considered as charitable.

Please email admin@achisomoch.org for more information.