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For 45 years we've been helping your Charity work harder

AAC helps you to give charity more efficiently and easily, while donating all profits to UK Jewish educational institutions.

You can use your account to donate directly to charities all over the world, with all the features you’d expect from a bank – cheque books, regular statements, on-line access, make online charity donations, interactive queries on your account, low balance messages by SMS or email, and a help line that’s second-to-none.

How AAC helps…

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    We manage virtually all the paperwork of your charitable affairs. For Gift Aid donors, we increase the value of your charitable donations. You enter just one donation on your tax return and we look after the rest. We offer a very personal service for queries, delivery of new cheque books or even information about a charity.

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    If you receive cheques/voucher from our clients you're in luck. It costs you nothing to redeem our vouchers. Remittance notes that accompany your payment are informative - and there is a help-desk to resolve any queries. You know that they will be paid super fast by BACS.

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    Our Community

    We help in two ways: Firstly the charities know that their inbound donations via AAC will be rapidly handled – essential if you are to manage the constant cash flow challenges. Secondly, AAC donates all its profits back into the community. Our operating costs are less than 1.5% of the revenue, while the rest is given to local charities - hundreds of thousands of Pounds per year.

Our profits are 100% donated

In 2022 we donated our profits of over £850,000 to schools and other educational establishments within the UK


Our administration, operations and development costs have remained less than 1.5% of all turnover.


All donated to UK-Based educational institutions

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