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Bringing you into the new age of tracking, monitoring and advanced flexibility of control for all grants you receive from AAC members.
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Raise more funds in less time

Increase your Income

  • Discover missing or decline in donations from consistent donors
  • Spot indicators for future potential donations
  • Receive a Split Commission of all donations from donors you have recommended
  • Compare live fundraising results against other time periods
  • Discover insights and trends on each individual donor with graphs and reports
  • Detect stopped or missing payments of standing orders

Helpful Campaign Tools

  • Get publicity for your campaign with AAC specific campaigns
  • Customisable features your AAC campaign to make it easy for donate
  • AAC payment gateway for your own sponsorship website or 24 hour Blitz campaigns
  • Real-time email notifications when any online donations is made to you
  • Real-time email notifications when any online donations are requested before they are processed
  • View donations being processed so you know what’s coming up
  • Quickly view all donations for each campaign.

Managing Payments from AAC - Simply

  • Save admin time and import AAC donations in bulk to your accounting software
  • Message a donor directly to ask a query on any donation
  • Find information on all donations going back 6 years
  • View clearly all donation information including donor comments
  • Discover key information for your charity using advanced filters, setting time periods and value ranges

User Feedback

User Plans


  • Online access to historical donations (3 months)
  • Export donations to PDF (3months)
  • AAC Fundraising page


£150/ pa*
  • AAC Gateway for campaigns
  • Find historical donations (6 years)
  • Regular Data Dump
  • Premium AAC fundraising pages
  • Giving Insights
  • Specialised Analysis Reports
  • Yomtov Giving

*To see a more detailed summary of the new updated user plans click here.