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Manage your Charitable Trust Wisely

Account Description & Benefits

Open your Charitable Trust account with us today for safe, secure and seamless giving. Our charitable trust account is designed exclusively for those donating funds to charity from a charitable trust.

You’ll simply top up your balance as you require. When you wish, you can then distribute these funds onwards to charities by vouchers, or online with your phone or computer. The charity will then receive those funds with no further action on your part.

You need not keep individual records and receipts – we look after all of that. You can access both details and summaries, online, with our clever reports for your returns and for your accountant.

Manage Your Charitable Trust Wisely

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When you use an AAC account for donations from your Charitable Trust, you….

  • Save time: Our team reliably attends to all your compliance requirements, filing and reporting for you (No more compiling documents for audits and meticulously validating charities)
  • Eliminate hassle: Using AAC for your donations will simplify and reduce your financial reporting (Bid farewell to collecting, sorting and worrying about receipts)
  • Reduce expense: All administrative tasks are taken care of by us at no extra cost to you (Likely reducing the time your accountant and lawyer spend overseeing your charitable trust).

We’re safe: With decades of practical experience facilitating charitable donations, we work with the UK’s leading professional firms to keep your money safe and grant-making compliant.

We’re easy to work with: As one of the oldest and largest UK donor advisory funds, we have robust systems and processes in place to offer you an exceptional service.

The Gold standard of compliance: If your funds are under AAC’s care, we will allow grants to be made only to legitimate charities – both here and abroad. We also verify all funds coming into your account and perform KYC checks on every client.

We charge a small commission so that we can offer you a reliable and efficient service. Our commission rates are never more than 5% and can be significantly reduced for larger accounts. Rates are based on annual deposits into an account. The commission rate can be reduced so please be in touch to discuss. If you make international grants a small handling charge of 1.5% is made to cover currency conversion and additional compliance checks.

As a non-profit organisation, all remaining profits are donated to educational charities, allowing you to make a positive impact on local charities.

How it Works

  • You open an account with AAC and make one donation to AAC.
  • You are given login details to an online account where you can make grants to charities of your choice and order voucher books.
  • AAC keeps track of all your donations and provide regular statements and online access to special reports – making it easier to track your charitable donations
  • On your returns you simply record AAC’s details as the recipient of this donation.


Standard AAC Benefits:

  • Easily make donations to over 4,000 organisations using our charity vouchers or our online account-management platform
  • Keep track of your transactions online, with extensive and innovative reporting and searching tools
  • Receive monthly statements and receipts
  • No more need to chase after and retain receipts for all your donations
  • Efficiently donate to international organisations
  • Opt in to receive a SMS/Text message when your account is low
  • Benefit from our extremely efficient and personal service – coupled with fast processing of all requests
  • Easily make anonymous donations through your online account

Unique Benefits to this account type:

  • Preferential account management with faster turnaround
  • Reduced international transaction charge of only 1.5%
  • We can swiftly add new charities to the approved list with accelerated compliance checks
  • For executors of a will who are required to donate to a charity but have not decided the recipients, the full amount may be paid to AAC and the actual allocation made at a later date
  • Donations can be made to smaller charities who find it easier to process a voucher than a cheque
  • Enjoy a cancel-anytime policy – at AAC there’s no contract or fine print ensuring you keep your account active and there’s no need to transfer all your funds at once

How to join

  • No-obligation discussion Consult with an AAC team member about opening a charitable trust account
  • Commission rates Discuss a commission rates agreement
  • Application Fill in the application form – online (below) or on paper
  • Account is opened Receive a welcome email with your account details
  • Add funds Have immediate access to funds deposited to then donate to over 3,000 compliance-checked charities.

Application Form – Charitable Trust Giving

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    Are you looking to distribute funds? This account is for charitable trusts looking to distribute funds.

    If you are a charity and want to receive funds from Achisomoch click here.

    Form Requirements

    Please note that you will not be able to save your progress. To complete the application you'll need the following requirements:

    • Charitable Trust name and number
    • Charitable Trust registered and correspondance address
    • Charitable Trust registered bank account details
    • All the trustee details including name, date of birth and residential address

    Charitable Trust Details

    Charitable Trust Contact Person

    Charitable Trust Registered Address

    Correspondence Address (if different)

    Bank Account Details

    Please note that your account registered with Achisomoch may be credited with funds only from a bank account registered in your company/charitable trust name.

    Trustee's Company Director's/Shareholder's

    Please note we require all details of all Trustees, Directors and Beneficial Owners of the Account, including their residential address.

    Group #

    Please, complete all required fields.
    *Complete the birth date in format dd/mm/yyyy

    Please review the confirmations below and tick the relevant boxes to confirm acceptance.

    Please note that your account registered with Achisomoch may be credited with funds only from a bank account registered in your charitable trust name.

    T&Cs can be found here: Terms & Conditions

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