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Manage your Company Charitable Giving Wisely

Account Description & Benefits

Our Company Giving account is designed for those who make donations to charity from a company fund rather than from their personal account. Philanthropy-minded company directors use this approach to benefit from the tax relief towards their company’s corporation tax liability. Download the full brochure.

  • No more compliance and paperwork hassles. Save time and effort when you direct your giving through a single convenient platform. There’s no need to collect and file details of individual donations to multiple charities. Plus, leave the due diligence to us.
  • Park funds until you’re ready to allocate them. Deposit your charitable funds into your AAC company account monthly, at the end of the financial year, or whenever you wish. This gives you time to decide who the ultimate recipients will be and when to donate to them.
  • Tax relief on international donations too. Receive tax relief on all of your donations – even if the recipient charity is located abroad.
  • Get clarity. With our highly renowned online platform, you’re always just one click away from your next donation and report. Stop struggling with inflexible systems and fragile spreadsheets.
  • Safe giving. You’ll feel at ease, knowing every charity you can donate to on your AAC account is a legitimate charity that’s been through meticulous scrutiny by our compliance team. Our team performs rigorous and regular checks on everyone of the 3,000+ charities on our online portal, both in the UK and abroad. Larger donations are also subject to specific compliance checks.

Manage Your Company’s Charitable Giving Wisely

Download the full brochure

How it Works

  • You open a Company Giving account by submitting in the form below
  • You make an immediate  deposit into your AAC account. As we are a charity, this is considered a charitable donation
  • On your tax return you simply record AAC’s details as the recipient of this donation
  • You are provided with login details to an online account. You can then make donations to charities of your choice and order voucher books and AAC cards
  • AAC keeps track of all your donations and provide regular statements and (online) access to special reports – making it easier to track your charitable donations


Standard AAC Benefits:

  • Easily make donations to over 3,000 Jewish organisations using our charity vouchers or our online account-management platform
  • Keep track of your transactions online, with extensive reporting and searching tools
  • Receive monthly statements
  • Efficiently donate to overseas organisations
  • Order AAC Cards to make donations to charities’ compatible payment terminals
  • Order AAC voucher books – both prepaid and pre-printed vouchers
  • Opt in to receive a SMS/Text message when your account is low
  • Benefit from our extremely efficient and personal service – coupled with fast processing of all requests.
  • Easily make anonymous donations through your online account.

Unique Benefits to this account type:

  • Priority account management with faster turnarounds
  • New charities added to our donor list with prioritised compliance checks.
  • Receive an exclusive reduced compliance surcharge of only 1.5% on international grants. Subject to terms and conditions
  • Fund your account from multiple companies, and receive separate reports for each company

How to join

  • 1. No-obligation discussion. We welcome you to consult with an AAC team member about opening a company account.
  • 2. Commission rates. Discuss commission charges for your account. (We charge a small commission so that we can offer you a reliable and efficient service. Our commission rates are never more than 5% and are reduced for larger accounts, which we are pleased to discuss with you. Rates are based on annual deposits into an account. This commission goes directly to administrative costs, including compliance procedures, charity checking and report filing. The commission fee is a one-off cost for each deposit saving you from other recurring costs. As a non-profit organisation, all remaining profits are donated, allowing you to make a positive impact on local educational charities.
  • 3. Application. Complete the online application form.
  • 4. Account is opened. Receive a welcome email with your account details.
  • 5. Add funds. Have immediate access to any funds that you deposit into your account.


  • Enjoy a cancel-anytime policy. At AAC there’s no contract or fine print ensuring you keep your account active and there’s no need to transfer all your funds at once. Open an AAC Company Account and see how it goes. If you enjoy using it, great! If not, there’s zero commitment to continue using it.

Application Form – Client Company

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    Form Requirements

    Please note that you will not be able to save your progress. To complete the application you'll need the following requirements:

    • Company name and number
    • Company registered and correspondance address
    • Company registered bank account details
    • All the company directors and shareholders details including name, date of birth and residential address

    Company Details

    Company Contact Person

    Company Registered Address

    Correspondence Address (if different)

    Bank Account Details

    Please note that your account registered with Achisomoch may be credited with funds only from a bank account registered in your company name.

    Company Director's/Shareholder's

    Please note we require all details of all Trustees, Directors and Beneficial Owners of the Account, including their residential address.

    Group #

    Please, complete all required fields.
    *Complete the birth date in format dd/mm/yyyy

    Please review the confirmations below and tick the relevant boxes to confirm acceptance.

    Please note that your account registered with Achisomoch may be credited with funds only from a bank account registered in your charitable trust name.

    T&Cs can be found here: Terms & Conditions

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