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Join our Team of Beta-Testers

20 December 2017

Each time we have a software-update (4-5 times a year), we need volunteers to help with the testing.  We are not looking for skilled programmers, but you should be able to experiment with different options and keep notes. You should also be able let us know clearly (over the phone or via email) of any issues you come across.


As a tester, we will give you access to the beta-test version of the software which works with real data and your requests will be honoured. We will also give you draft release notes and expect you to allocate at least 30 mins during the course of a week to test out the software by continuing with your normal functions and checking out the new features.


If you do find any problem, please make a note of the time and the URL you were on at the time and a short description of the problem. If you made a request for payment, you should check whether it’s been recorded on the system – and best to do that by logging out, logging in and clicking on the red “being processed” box in middle right on the dashboard. If you choose to make requests for testing purposes, you will be able to cancel in the “being processed” section.


We look forward to your feedback on any issues as well as ideas to make the system even better.


To sign up to be a beta tester please email  with your account number.