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AAC Online System – Version 2.5 Release

1 November, 2017

Version 2.5 – What’s new in this release?


Apart from the new ANONYMOUS feature, it is largely a selection of minor fixes to make your experience easier and more secure.


  • We’ve released a brand-new feature that gives you the option to make any donation you want – “anonymous”. That means that the recipient charity will not know that it came from you
  • We have created a new very compressed report to make it easier for you to see many more transaction on each page, viewable both on a PC or mobile. You can access this new report in the new Reports section. As with other reports, it can be exported directly to Excel when access with a PC
  • You can now cancel any donations that are still pending (ie have not been carried out) without needing to contact the office.
  • You can now find your Charity more efficiently by typing in for the charity name, the charity number or even address in the searchbox.
  • The voucher book report (a list of all vouchers in a book in cheque number order) is more easily locatable in the REPORTS section.


Summary of general maintenance updates:


  1. Changes
  • In response to requests from charities, if you make a donation over £2,000 you will have to complete a “Note to charity”.
  • In order to prevent unwanted Duplicate Payments – an extra question will be asked if you make an identical request within a few hours.
  • In order to prevent unwanted Duplicate Standing Orders Payments – an extra question will be asked if you make an identical request within a few hours.
  • At login, an inactive user will have instructions displayed on how to reactivate account. Generally, more helpful messages are displayed if you give invalid password etc
  • Standing order note on view transactions will display the standing order “payment number.”
  • If you do not use the system for 7 hours – you can move away from the site without getting that annoying “Leave or Stay” request.
  • For Gift Aid accounts, any Deposits shown on “view transactions”, will display the note: Gift Aid Applicable together with the Gift Aid amount for the deposit.
  • A Captcha has been introduced after two unsuccessful logins or the “forgot password” dialogue. There will also be a delay of 5 seconds between each login attempt.


  1. Cosmetic changes
  • Confirmation email of donation change – ‘Notes to AAC’ changed from blank to N/A when no comments entered.
  • Logout button will take user to the login page.
  • “Blank voucher book” order option is now listed higher on the order page.
  • Various formatting issues to make the site more intuitive to use.
  • Changes to the message and formatting in the email confirming Donations.


  1. Bugs fixed from v2.4
  • The button on Voucher book ordering the bugs affecting it have been fixed.
  • Redo voucher button on view transactions now allows you to order new voucher book.
  • Some standing order data inconsistencies have been fixed.
  • Message of the Day formatting issues have been fixed.
  • Currency display issues on the view transaction table for some transactions have been fixed.
  • Standing orders that are being amended are no longer marked as being cancelled. I.e. once a SO is cancelled, you cannot do anything to it.
  • Issue of pending transactions appearing on list of current transactions has been resolved.
  • Some of the Contact messages are no longer being sent twice.


  1. Reported Bugs
  • Internet Explorer Issues
  • Cannot export data on some tablets
  • Charity select menu is inconsistent on some older browsers


  1. Working on…
  • My Giving – a set of reports, including pretty graphs, that shows your giving patterns, by time or charity, over time. (We are also looking at what other reports the system should generate – if you have any feedback, please do be in touch.)
  • Adding “being processed”  amounts to the “account balance” at the very top of the page
  • Direct links to Charity Commission pages for each (relevant) charity
  • Stronger passwords for all users – for improved security.
  • Encryption of all system files
  • Much improved “search for charity” on the  dropdown list
  • And more!


David Kahan

If you have any ideas, queries or feedback email me at