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AAC Online System – Version 2.8b Internal Release

October 25th 2018

Note: Number in square brackets refers to our internal Id

Minor cosmetic updates are as follows:

  • Pop-up for donations abroad A new pop-up to warn user of 2% charge when donating to a charity abroad. [389]
  • Login for charities redirect A link “Are you a charity?” appears on login page to prevent charities logging on to the wrong system. [386]


Bugs fixed

  • A fixed payment annual Standing Order with only 1 fixed payment will only produce 1 payment with the same start and end date. [344]
  • Counter displaying correct figures on the “View Standing Order” page for current and past standing orders. [344]
  • Historical data from 2012 displaying the correct values [384]
  • Error message no longer appears if user enter a backstroke while searching on the “View Transactions Page” [385]


Admin Updates

  • Improved security for all admin areas including Dev, Beta & Live requiring a 2 step password sign-in. [380]
  • YTG labels for each campaign centralised in one area for easy update for donor and office comments and titles for future campaigns. [377]
  • Export user-list now exports all variables for future diff reporting [382]