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AAC Online System – Version 2.9f Mini Release

February 5th 2020

This mini-release includes new discounted voucher book options, re-design of donation screen, cosmetic updates and bug fixes.


Main updates are as follows:

  • NEW! £3 and £5 pre-paid voucher book options with a £5 discount on offer in the lead-up to Purim. These are available to order on the ‘Order Voucher Book’ page.
  • Redesign of donation screen The ‘Make a Donation’ screen has been modified to allow clients to donate quicker. The note to the office field has been removed, comments to the office should be made via the contact us page.


Other Updates:

  • Scan & Donate with smartphone A tracking system has been prepared to allow clients to scan a QR code from a charity collector and donate with their smartphone. More details on this to follow.
  • Compliance surcharge on Standing Orders to Israeli charities will come into effect on May 1st 2020. A client will be made aware of this before setting up a standing order to an Israeli charity.


Working on…

  • Improved security.
  • Help-text
  • Easily found tips on making better charity searches
  • Export options available on mobile
  • And more!


We’re looking for more users to help with beta testing of future releases. We are also looking for your ideas on how to improve our service – either way, please be in touch with us at