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AAC Online System – Version 3.0 Release

May 13th 2020

For AAC this is a major release as we introduce features to ensure that we comply with GDPR legislation and move away from sending key/private information to clients via email. We have also consolidated many extra minor features from a number of previous releases to call it this version 3.0.

The main feature is to introduce the transfer of sensitive information for clients into  the online system, where clients will need to login in order to see this information (reports, statements, notifications  etc). In addition to greater security, it makes it much simpler to retrieve old reports.
Main updates are as follows:

  • New reports option
    The reports option has been expanded to include access to reports that are prepared by AAC and made available to clients in a ready-to-see mode. This includes copies of the monthly client statements – the annual gift aid summary report will be available shortly.

A. In some cases these reports can already be produced within our online system with more information and more flexibility, however, clients have asked to see these ready-made documents
B.When we have assessed the way these statements have been used by our clients, we may use this concept to stop sending the monthly “statement delivery by email”.
The reports are prepared and available in PDF format on the ‘Reports’ page when the ‘Office’ tab is selected. Monthly statements are available on both desktop and mobile devices.

Cosmetic updates and bugs fixed from v2.10

  • £ symbol on balance now appears correctly for all mobile devices.
  • ‘View More Charities’ button on ‘My Giving’ now works for all time periods selected.
  • Default export file name of voucher book report has been retitled from a previous confusing ‘standing_order’ title.
  • If a client sets up a standing order to a non-UK charity the “international surcharge” will be displayed in the confirmation pop-up.
  • First payment date information can be found on standing orders due to start on a future date.
  • Interval information of standing orders are displayed in pop-up on the ‘View Standing order’ page.


Working on…

  • Further enhancements to security and GDPR compliance
  • View your campaign donations on ‘Processing Transactions’
  • Better Help-text for new users
  • Easily found tips on making better charity searches
  • Export options available on mobile
  • And more!

We’re looking for more users to help with beta testing of future releases. We are also looking for your ideas on how to improve our service – either way, please be in touch with us at