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AAC Online System – Version 3.1 Release

July 20th 2020

This release reflects an internal system upgrade (introducing PhP version 7) to ensure that we are using the latest web standards. The main benefits will be to improve performance, security and minimise errors.

This represents almost a month of development and extensive testing, so we ask users to be extra vigilant – and if they come across any issues to report them to us.
Additional changes:

  • Standing Orders may now be requested for non-UK or Israeli charities. These include charities based in France, South Africa and the USA etc.
  • Password over SMS if you have given us your smartphone/mobile number,  passwords will be sent securely over SMS rather than via email. (Note: this may initially apply only for new users when they open a new account)

Minor Updates:

  • When looking for a  ‘Beneficiary’ on the ‘Make a Donation’ screen , we remove leading, trailing and double spacing in order to be assured of a match
  • We have started on a process of more formal validation and checking of data that you provide under Settings.  The first field in this development process is the mobile phone number
  • Increasingly, details of payments you make via Crowd-funding campaigns (eg Charidy, CharityExta etc) will now be visible in your account immediately after the donation has been made


Cosmetic updates and bugs fixed from v3.0a

  • Changing password bug in settings area has now been fixed.
  • Users can set the threshold level at which they are informed (by SMS) of low balance, high values grants etc.  Some thresholds that were considered too low (i.e. resulting in too many sms messages being sent) have now been altered.  E.g you will only be informed of a new payment into your account if it exceeds £500.

Working on…

  • Further enhancements to security and GDPR compliance
  • View your campaign donations on ‘Processing Transactions’
  • Better Help-text for new users
  • Easily found tips on making better charity searches
  • Export options available on mobile
  • And more!

We’re looking for more users to help with beta testing of future releases. We are also looking for your ideas on how to improve our service – either way, please be in touch with us at