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AAC Online System – Version 3.2 Release

November 12th 2020 

The main purpose of this release is to improve the interface when the user resets their password, to enable the faster processing of small donations and improvements to the SEARCH of the list of beneficiaries.  Bugs fixed and cosmetic changes are also included.
Main Updates:

  • Reset password interface has been updated to allow you to reset your password with ease:
    • You can choose to reveal or hide your password when you are resetting your password.
    • The password instructions for what characters your password must have, are  displayed when you reset your password. The password rules will turn green when they have been fulfilled.
  • Faster processing on small value donations. Processing time on donations under £100 to UK charities has been reduced from up to two weeks to being processed for the next working day.
  • Optimisation measures for selecting a charity on the ‘Make a Donation’ page include:
    • Non alphabetic characters e.g. a hyphen – or quote  ‘ do not need to be matched when searching for a charity.
    • Words of the charity name can be searched in any order, for example Gateshead Yeshiva or Yeshiva Gateshead will find the same results.
    • If only one result is found for your search it will be auto-selected when you move to the next field.

Cosmetic updates and bugs fixed from v3.1b

  • The ‘Read More’ link on previous messages on the ‘Contact Us’ page is now working as expected.
  • Balance and latest update date will always display the latest figures on any new page load.
  • Link to “Contact Us’ Page on the FAQ page is working on all devices as expected.
  • Questions on FAQ page displays for all users.
  • If the beneficiary field in the ‘Make a Donation’ page is edited the original charity selected is cleared.
  • Enter button can be used with ‘Quick Donation’ on the dashboard.


Working on…

  • More optimisation on beneficiary search
  • Further enhancements to security and GDPR compliance
  • Swifter processing of campaign donations
  • Standardising on pop up messages and more Help-text
  • Export options available on mobile
  • And more!

We’re looking for more users to help with beta testing of future releases. We are also looking for your ideas on how to improve our service – either way, please be in touch with us at