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AAC Online System – Version 3.3d Release

February 24th 2021 

This release includes new features for Purim, a new theme and introduction of pre-selected donation amount options. Also included are minor cosmetic updates.

Main Updates:

  • Give easily this Purim AAC in partnership with BEST are launching small, pre-selected donations on your online account for easy giving over Purim.
  • New Purim theme introduced from the beginning of Adar in the lead-up to Purim to enhance the donation experience in the month of Adar.


Cosmetic updates and bugs fixed from v3.3c

  • On a deposit transaction where Gift Aid is applied a notice is shown regarding processing time. This notice appears when hovering over information icon and in the pop-up when transaction is selected.
  • Office comments from a previous voucher book are removed if the voucher book order is a repeated one.
  • If a donation is repeated with the identical amount, comment and beneficiary in the last 12 hours, the client will be alerted of the repeat – even if the donation’s source is via a QuickGive link.


Working on…

  • More optimisation on search for beneficiaries/charities
  • Further enhancements to security and GDPR compliance
  • Enhancements to Yom Tov Giving page
  • Export options available on mobile

We’re looking for more users to help with beta testing of future releases. We are also looking for your ideas on how to improve our service – either way, please be in touch with us at