Achisomoch Blog

AAC Online System – Version 3.4 Release

March 16th 2021 

This release includes new features for Yom Tov Giving for the upcoming Pesach appeal also included are minor cosmetic updates.

Main Updates:

  • Donate to All on Yom Tov Giving this is a new feature that let’s you donate to all appeals in one simple step. You can choose to split an amount among all appeals or specify an amount for all appeals.
  • Marketing opt-in or out you can now select in your settings area whether you want to receive marketing communication from us. This would include our newsletter or notified about Yom Tov Giving appeals.


Cosmetic updates and bugs fixed from v3.3d

  • When voucher book order request is repeated by client all comments on the previous order are cleared to avoid any confusion for you or the office.
  • If a voucher book order is repeated within 12 hours a pop-up notification appears asking user to add additional comments.
  • The order voucher-book button on pop-up is disabled once clicked to prevent duplicate orders.
  • On the make a donation page the anonymous option has been optimised for mobile devices.
  • The £ character will be displayed correctly on the view transactions page if included in a comment to charity on a donation.


Working on…

  • More optimisation on beneficiary search
  • Further enhancements to security and GDPR compliance
  • Standardising on pop up messages and more Help-text
  • Export options available on mobile
  • And more!