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AAC Online System – Version 3.6c Release

January 2022 

This release is mainly related to updates to voucher-book orders for Purim.


Main Updates:

  • Discount on pre-paid voucherbooks of £3 & £5 this has been enabled for Purim 2022 as it was in 2020. Improvements have been made to label the discount in the summary of order. 
  • Limit the number of books to be delivered by Post. Regrettably, some voucher books sent by post fail to arrive so we have imposed a limit of just 2 books that may be sent in this way. A message shows up on the voucher book order screen if this limit has been reached. 


Cosmetic updates and bugs fixed from v3.6

  • The Request time of any transaction as shown in a  pop-up has been made shorter by removing the seconds. 
  • The Gift Aid report the date column label title updated to ‘Date Received’ to provide clarity to clients. 
  • The Gift Aid report accurately reporting all donations received into AAC bank account between for the financial year between 6th April to 5th April. 
  • Different formatting is used for highlighting words if they are not clickable. 
  • Extra clarity provided on message showing why there are additional costs for international donations.


Working on…

  • Easy access to information on how to top-up account 
  • Allow selection of the date on each month you want a standing order to go out 
  • Setting up weekly standing orders  
  • Setting-up an anonymous standing order 
  • View more information on a charity that you may wish to donate to   
  • Ability to easily review and update your contact details online 
  • Further enhancements to security and GDPR compliance 

… more