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AAC’s New Office

AAC Life President Yitzhak Katz (L), with Co-Chair Akiva Hackenbroch (C), and trustee Jacky Emanuel (R)

AAC Outgrows its Office – Moves into Larger Suite

AAC’s new office’s Kvias Mezuzah was held on Sunday morning November 5th, in the presence of Rabbi Yisroel Meir Greenberg, Dayan Yehoshua Posen, AAC trustees, management and staff.

Yitzchok Katz, AAC’s Life President, was honoured with the fixing of the first Mezuza at the new suite of offices . Noting that the floor space of a string of new offices seemed to grow in proportion to the amount of charity distributed (up by almost 100% in the last 3 years), he speculated about the size of the next office in five years time!

He then had a special message about the importance of Chesed (kindness) that was practised by Avrohom in the Sedra Vayeiro. In particular, that it applies as much to the staff at a company as it does to an individual. The importance of working proactively with clients and colleagues was stressed – and the need to always provide more help than is requested. He encouraged the operations , development, and marketing team to always keep this in mind.

Yitzchok had special praise for the operations/support department who had established an unrivalled level of customer satisfaction – despite handling over 450 calls/emails in some months from both clients and charities.

Members and those interested in our services are welcome to visit the office, which remains at the same address – now on the first floor and is typically open 9:30am – 5pm.