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Achisomoch Newsletter for the end of financial year 2017-18

18th April 2018

As our financial year of 2017/18 has come to a close, I would like to share with you some statistics about AAC’s  performance over this period.


FACTS AND FIGURES (based on unaudited figures)

  • AAC’s revenue for the year is close to a staggering £30Million
  • We processed some 178,000 transactions during the year and on two days had over 3,300 client requests to make donations.
  • 17% of all 178,000 donations are now done online –  almost 60%  by value
  • This was from almost 2,100 active clients – with over 350 new clients joining AAC this year.
  • The client online system is now well established with around 750 clients using it regularly.
  • We have 2,200 active charities from around the globe receiving grants from clients
  • An increasing number of charities are now online and using our new Charity Portal service.

We gave out an amazing total of  £723,000 in  grants in the last 12 months from our profits to Gateshead Yeshiva and local education establishments – some £130K+ of which was via our split commission scheme and BEST.


The new Yom Tov Giving service released before Pesach this year (which is available only at AAC) has been very successful raising over £26,000 from over a 100 clients giving towards 42 charity appeals.

It remains for me to thank you for supporting and using the AAC service and allow us to continue serving the community. Feel free to contact AAC at for more information.
Yitzchok Katz
Trustee at Achisomoch