App Support


AAC App Support:

For any support with the app please contact us with details below:


Phone: 020 8731 8988

Our support hours are between 9:30am -5pm Monday – Thurs and 9:30am -12:30pm on Friday. We aim to respond within 48 working hours.

App FAQs

Q:If I want to access multiple accounts on the APP how can I  switch?

A:Once you are logged in on the side menu that can be opened with the 3 lines on the top-right of your screen choose the option to ‘Change User’. Please note if you have enabled a biometric login this will now be disabled.

Q: I want to stay permanently logged in to my account on my App, can I do this?
A: Yes, navigate to ‘Settings’ and enable the top option of ‘Automatic Login’. This will ensure that you will stay logged into your account unless you choose to subsequently logout. Please note this setting will enable permanent login for any device that you may login with your account details in the future.

Q: I can’t scan a QR code what could be wrong?
A: Make sure that the QR code is aligned into the square window displayed.

Q: Do I need different PINs for different users on the same device?
A: No a PIN number will be set per device