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AAC – Charity Portal Release Notes 1.1a

6 March 2018

This release note describes the key new features introduced in the main program, based largely on feedback from the many charities now using this system to keep track of the grants awarded to them by AAC. 

It is an interim release pending Version 1.2 which is expected within the month
. The number shown in square brackets is our internal reference number on the system we use. Feel free to refer to it if you contact us for more information.


Major new features

  • You can copy the records of data shown in ‘View Transactions’ to the clipboard and paste into email or word document. [031]
  • You can print the data directly as a table from a PDF file. [030]
  • An initial dashboard has been introduced which currently shows the Message of the Day and a quick view of transaction history. Much more is planned
  • In advanced search, when searching Remittance Note or Amount fields it will only display exact matches (i.e. 18 will no longer find 180 or 1800 – only 18 )


Other improvements

  • Balance on the top of screen now displays the figure from the last 12 months. [032]
  • Audit Logs tracks user’s activities of exports, sort of columns, user choosing amount of records, scrolling through pages and rows clicked for pop-up. [034]
  • More questions have been added to the FAQ section.
  • Charity News section has been introduced with relevant charity news.


Cosmetic items

  • When a quick or advanced search is made by a user, the text entered by a user is highlighted in bold and blue in the results [026]
  • The donor comment column now appears after the amount column [027]


Minor Bugs Fixed

  • Store search of Advanced Filter now working for voucher and account number fields [018]
  • Extra “TO” text now not appearing when making an advanced search for an amount range. [041]
  • Charity news items now open in a new tab [043]


We are working on…

  • Updating your charity details on the Charity Portal.
  • Choosing notifications you want to receive about incoming donations
  • Sending a message of acknowledgement or receipt to donor through your Charity Portal account.
  • Donor Summary Report to review your donor history.


If you have any comments or ideas we welcome your feedback please email

David Kahan