Charity News

AAC – Charity Portal Release Notes 1.3n

19th July 2019

The main updates are as follows:

  • Pending Report is now available for charity users to check requests for donations by our clients that have not yet been processed. It will display those that have not yet been paid to you or are held up for compliance checks. Any cancellations of donations will be displayed for 30 days.
  • Premium facilities now available to all users. These extra services are now available to all users at no extra charge. This includes viewing full donation history, seeing all donations from 2010, exporting data to CSV or XLS and messaging donors.

Bugs/Cosmetics Fixed

  • Side-menu wording has been updated to show donations received over the last 12 months.
  • Messaging donor facility has been fixed on the ‘View Transactions’ page for anonymous donors


Working on…

  • Quick links (URLs) for each charity to send out to donors for direct payments
  • Campaign integration
  • International Standing Orders
  • Improved security
  • And more!