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AAC Summary Of Services For Charities – January 2019

20th January 2019

This replaces the document written in December and reflects just 2 levels of membership.

Shown below is a summary of the different charity services and Charity Portal facilities available to different membership levels.

Standard User (Free):

  • Find historical donations (last 3 months only) : Filter and use a powerful search to find all donations from AAC to your charity.
  • Export donations as PDF (last 3 months only) : Sort and export donations from the portal as a PDF file or copy data to your clipboard.
  • Fundraising Page Showcase your charity’s current project(s) with a unique webpage to donate directly to your charity via AAC. Live notification of all donations with an AAC donate icon to add onto your website.

Premium User (£150pa):

  • Find historical donations (up to 6 years) : Filter and use a powerful search to find all donations from AAC to your charity.
  • Donations export (up to 6 years) : with 3 different formats (a) Copy to your clipboard  (b) export donations as a csv/excel/pdf format and (c) send as email.
  • Donor queries: Ask donor a query about a donation on the portal without having access to his contact details. This includes to Anonymous donors.
  • AAC Gateway: Integrated Payment option for your own website and third party fundraisers (Charidy, Causematch and others).
  • Regular Data Dump: Choose to receive an automated email monthly or weekly for all recent data for easy bookkeeping.
  • Extended Fundraising Page  To include adding your own question, forcing donor to leave a comment and regular update of all donations made through the fundraising page.
  • Giving Insights Find out important statistics simply of who is giving to your charity including, top 15 donors, breakdown of donations over 3 different time periods, graphs, yearly comparisons and much more.
  • Donor Annual Report: See, in just one report,  all your donors annual giving in the last 4 years in just one report. Includes the ability to search and sort. (This report is updated monthly)
  • Standing Order Report: Inspect all your standing orders over the last 18 months. Easily observe stopped or missing payments from just 1 report. (This report is updated monthly)
  • Compact Report: View and search all your remittance notes over the last 12 months at a glance. This report provides the remittance note number, date and total value. And includes drill-down. (This report is updated monthly)
  • Yomtov Giving Add your campaign on the bi-annual Yomtov Giving page. Allows currently only charities based in London. See website here.