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AAC – Charity Portal Release Notes 1.2

25th July 2018

We are delighted to share with you a number of major new facilities – all of which are based on user feedback. We draw your attention to the new WHOSEGIVING section which allows you to prepare very valuable reports for marketing purposes.

As usual, we remind you that although access to the charity portal is currently free, we intend to make a nominal charge for the advanced features before the end of 2018. Clients will be given at least 1 months’ notice.

Note: The Number in square brackets refers to our internal Id

New Major updates:

  • Receive a CSV file weekly or monthly.  You can now arrange to get a weekly or monthly copy of all donations (in the last week/month), as a csv file by email. In the “Settings” screen you select the frequency of this email. If you don’t set it you will get no report. [056]
  • Send a message to a donor. We allow you to send an email message to any (non-anonymous) donor – you will not be able to see their email address. The AAC office will receive it and automatically forward it, unchanged, to the donor.  You can do this by clicking the send-email icon alongside any donation on the “View Transactions” screen. See note below*. [058]
  • Whose Giving.  Exciting new feature showing in-depth stats with clear insights on who is giving donations to your charity – and when – over several time periods. This has all been very prettily presented on the new “Whose Giving” screen. See note below*. [064]
  • Receive “exports” over email. You can chose to receive any of the reports (in three different formats PDF, XLS, CSV) by email so that you can view at a later time on email or transfer into your in-house database. [055]


Other updates:

  • Review your details.  All your Charity details (including name, address, email address and bank details) as we hold on our records now appear in a section on the “Settings” page [069]


Minor cosmetic changes

  • New branding  for login page, customised and branded for The Charity Portal with a new logo on the site [035]
  • Count and totals now appear on the top of most of the donation reports  [358]
  • Slider on “Settings” area for automatic login has been updated to a simpler UI [072]


Bugs Fixed

  • Contact details for charity support now appears accurately at various places on the web-site [062]
  • Inactive Screen now shows accurate contact details for charity support [066]
  • No data in account now shows accurate message and direction for user. [073]

Admin Update

  • Charity Userfile will now automatically update daily to display most up-to-date details in the ‘Settings’ area to users. [063]
  • Unsuccessful reminder password user will now be sent an automated email notifying them of incorrect account details with charity support details. [061]


*Whose Giving and Send Message to Donors are major developments and are still being prototyped please give us feedback if you notice any errors.