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Fundraising for Purim 2022 with AAC

This Purim Achisomoch is offering UK charities an extra 5% on donations!

On all donations made using your charity QR code over Purim, your charity will receive an additional 5% donation from AAC! This means that for every £100 raised via your QR code over Purim (16th – 18th March 2022) you will receive an additional £5.

All the donor needs to do is to scan the charity’s QR code which will take them to their account on the AAC app, pre-populated with your charity name to make their donation. You’ll then get an extra 5% on this donation.

If you have teams of spielers, we can provide each team with a different QR code so you will be able to track their donations with ease. Please let us know by Monday 14th March if you require additional QR codes email us at

A few quick fundraising ideas:

  • Print out your AAC QR code when you go out collecting or spieling on Purim.
  • Display your AAC QR code in flyers, advertisements, letters and Tzedokoh boxes.
  • Send your AAC Quick Give link on a text, WhatsApp or email campaign.
  • Feature your AAC Quick Give link on your website campaign or spieling video.