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AAC Fundraising Services

January 20th 2019

Please note this article has been updated from November 2018

Previously, Achisomoch donors had just two ways of donating to your cause, login to their AAC account, find your charity, and make the donation – or write a voucher and send it to you.

There are now other options where we can help you direct your donors to pay via AAC and donate directly to your charity with minimum fuss. See the 2 options below:

1. AAC Fundraising Link

AAC can create a very simple web-page tailored to your organisation, a specific cause or campaign. We call this a Fundraising Link.

AAC will provide you with your own URL (or short-link) which allows a donor to send you a donation by filling in just 3 text boxes.

See a demo version here:

You can include this short-link on your website, any fundraising emails, adverts, newsletters or email signatures. We can even give you a QRCode for your letters and mail-shots. We can also offer a range of different website buttons to suit your website’s design, see samples below:


What does an AAC Fundraising Link offer you? :

  1. Include a title and a longer description of your charity/cause and your charity’s website
  2. Receive live notifications of all donations as they are made.
  3. Unique donor comment for all donations made through this fundraising page to help you with identifying donations.
  4. Adding your own customised question
  5. Force donor to leave a comment

To set-up a fundraising page for your charity and access to website button designs, please fill in this form here

2. Third party or Website Fundraising

To ensure AAC clients can donate to your cause whether it is a short term goal or a sponsorship campaign we have facilities to integrate an AAC payment option. The AAC payment option could work on either a third party site e.g. Causematch, Charidy (among others) or your own website. Please note a significant lead time is required for integration and support.

Email for details.