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QuickScan – simple way to collect donations this Purim

25th February 2020

Purim is a great time for raising money for your organisation through collectors, charity boxes and spielers. This year, in addition to the normal way of using vouchers, AAC are running a trial called QuickScan. This allows AAC clients to scan a QRcode with their smart phone to make payments directly to you. Each QRcode contains details of your charity and the actual collector which will appear on your remittance note or online

This year, a few selected collectors from different charities will carry a unique QRcode (similar to bar codes) which is printed on their collecting note or stuck onto their collecting box. The donor then has the choice of using a regular voucher, to do it online or to use the QRCode. Providing they have an app to scan these codes on their smartphone, they will simply point it at the note or notice and then enter how much they want to give. That’s it!

If you wish, we can send you a QRCODE for your charity (one for each collector) which you then  print on their collectors form or stick to the collection box. Just email us – it costs nothing

The benefits of QuickScan include :

  • No vouchers to process
  • No work for you to do – the grant value arrived automatically at your bank within days
  • Minimises the risk of voucher loss
  • Chance that the donors will give a larger amount than a low value voucher
  • Better tracking of donations – from the moment it’s made with details of the collector

….. and it saves AAC time

An FAQ about this new exciting QuickScan facility from AAC will be released next week. To be a part of this trial please email and we will send you more details when they are ready.