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FAQ for AAC’s new app

March 2022

These FAQ have been prepared to coincide with the first release of our redesigned App for clients just before Purim 2022/5782.

It is available on both Android and iPhone smartphones and offers all the facilities of the main PC Online-version but with the extra security facilities of face recognition, fingerprint scan and a PIN code.


  1. How do I get it? On android devices download the app here from Play Store, on Apple devices download the app here from the App Store.
  2. When I installed the AAC app I was asked to give permission for use of microphone. Why? Some android devices when allowing permissions for use of camera also require users to accept the use of microphone. The AAC App will not access your microphone, the app only requires the use of the camera for the scanning QR codes.



  1. If I want to access multiple accounts on the APP, how can I switch? Once logged in, on the side menu (three dashes on the top-right of your screen) choose the option to ‘Change User’. Please note if you have previously enabled login with fingerprint or face ID this will be unset when you change user.
  2. I want to stay permanently logged in to my account on my App, can I do this? Yes! Navigate to ‘Settings’ option on the side menu (three dashes on the top-right of your screen) and enable the top option of ‘Automatic Login’. This will ensure that you will stay logged into your account unless you choose to subsequently logout. Please note this setting will enable permanent login on any device that you login with your account credentials in the future.
  3. I have multiple accounts that I intend to use on one device – do I need to set-up different PINs for each account? No, only one PIN is needed to set-up for the AAC app on each device. All the accounts that you access on your device can login with that PIN after you have provided the account credentials.
  4. I forgot my PIN. How do I login? Select ‘Forgot’ on the bottom left corner of the PIN screen. You will be directed to login with your account number and password. You will be given an opportunity to reset your PIN with a new code.


  1. How do I scan a QR code? On the dashboard select the third option. Alternatively select the scan icon found at the top of your screen on the dashboard. On Apple devices, you can scan using your camera
  2. I can’t scan a QR code what could be wrong? Please make you have allowed the App to have access to your camera. Be sure that the QR code is aligned into the square window displayed and that your phone is as close as possible to the QR code.



  1. What is Biometric Authentication? Some smartphones have biometric facilities of face recognition or fingerprint scan. If you have these, they can be enabled to access your AAC account. You can set your switch this on or off in your settings area.
  2. Is it always up to date with my account balance and each transaction? When you login your balance and transactions will update automatically. If you are permanently logged in, you can either navigate to a new page on the app and your details will be refreshed or you can refresh the page dependent on your device. The balance screen will show the last date and time the details have been updated.


If your question has not been answered, or to let us know of extra FAQs that we should add please email Thank you