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How We (and You) support schools

February 23 2021

As members of a kehilla, our obligation to support the essential communal infrastructure of our kehillos is the highest priority – above all general Tzedokoh.

Our schools in NW London are the foundation of our future generation – and are running at a shortfall of several millions of pounds per year. The Shulchan Oruch (שו”ע ורמ”א ח”מ ס’ קסג:א-ג) obligates everyone in a community to support the essential communal infrastructure, which includes schools. This obligation takes precedence over Mitzvas Tzedokoh, and applies to everyone in the community, whether they have children in schools or not – ”לפי ממון“, in accordance with his means.

The founders and trustees of AAC continue to commit to our local schools, investing in the education of the community they strive to serve. Supporting Jewish education is an essential part of the work we do – so much so that we donate all of our profits to UK Jewish educational institutions. In the last year alone, all of our “profits” from the commission we take for running AAC were returned to the local NW London schools and UK Yeshivos.
This article was featured in the Purim 2021 newsletter. Click here to download the full newsletter.