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Welcome to AAC’s new Blog-page!

19 October, 2017

Our aim at AAC is to help make charity happen! We strongly believe in the importance of charity and we like to help you make that difference possible.


We help support both charities and clients alike with the process of charitable donations ensuring efficiency, convenience and a good experience.


The aim of this blog is to keep you, charity or donor, updated and informed with all the latest improvements and new features of our service plus tips on how best to use our services. We will also produce periodically stats as to show how our service is making a difference.


We survive off your input, so your ideas and feedback of how we can improve the service are greatly appreciated!


Here are some topics we are looking at, at the moment.
1. Allowing you to see graphs with stats of your charity giving
2. Allowing charities to go online and see all their supporters donations
3. Getting a lower charge if I stop using Cheques/vouchers
4. Letting me pay by credit card


We look forward to your comments.


Best wishes,

The AAC Blog Team

Please contact us with any queries or suggestions for improvement.