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Achisomoch Establishes New Headquarters

February 22 2021

Rabbi Yisroel Meir Greenberg was honoured with the Kvias Mezuzah at Achisomoch’s new Hendon office. Following an influx of new clients, the organisation’s administration team had far outgrown its previous location.

“More than 250,000 donations were made through Achisomoch last year – and we can expect that number to further accelerate this coming year,” said Yitzchok Katz, Achisomoch’s Chairman. “Customer service has always been a priority, and so to best service our clients we’ve worked hard to not only further improve our processes, but also onboard new office staff. We hope that it’s soon safe for the entire team to be based in our new office.”

“The biggest financial and administrative challenge that we face is of course in the world of compliance, but we pride ourselves on our ‘Gold Standard’,” said Matti Fruhman, Achisomoch’s CEO. “This is only possible due to our ongoing dedication to charity law compliance.”

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