New features – November ’23

Discover new features like Instant Account Top-Up, the new Balance Insight section, and a streamlined, user-friendly design.

While these updates will automatically go live on your account in two weeks, you can start using them right now.

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A more informative Dashboard

Your account balance can be misleading, as it does not take into account any imminent transactions or pending donations. To rectify this, you will see an additional account balance: your available balance.

This figure deducts any donations that are currently being processed, pending transactions, and any upcoming charges. This amount is also credited by any imminent Gift Aid.

Our members have asked for this account transparency, and we’re delighted to deliver it!

Easier access to the transactions that matter

Immediately view your most recent processed, processing, pending, and cancelled donations - as well as any voucher books currently on order. 

A more organised design

You’ll notice a better arranged page. You can easily view or hide your account balances, which will now show on the left panel.

Instantly top up your account

Your new ‘Top up’ button will enable you to instantly transfer funds from your bank to your AAC account. Whether you’re using the AAC app, or accessing your account from your desktop, our Open Banking technology enables you to credit your account within minutes of your transfer.

Clarity on your account’s financial status

A new Balance Insight page provides you with a clear overview of your available funds, and any pending donations that may be on hold due to a lack of funds. We’ll also suggest the amount you’ll need to credit your account in order to enable the transactions to proceed. 

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