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Chomesh L’Chinuch Partnership – ShpielTime! 5781

February 23 2021

We at Achisomoch are pleased to be a partner in the NW London’s ShpielTime! Purim Project.

Purim is usually a time of much joy all about the NW London kehilloh. Besides for all the typical festivities in shuls and homes, one of the favourite family experiences is enjoying the various groups of shpielers that visit homes collecting for many worthy causes. These troupes of typically teenage school pupils – who, upon being welcomed in, burst into song, dance and (sometimes!) even clever presentations – transform living rooms into theatres of excitement and centres of generosity.

But what will happen to such creative and noble efforts in a year where visiting one another is sadly no longer possible? How will the Purim fun and joy be brought into our homes and our families – especially in these challenging, socially distant days?

Enter Chomesh L’Chinuch, an organisation focused on helping the community to prioritise the financial support of our schools, with a 21st-Century solution. Working on behalf of a coalition of 15 local NW London schools, together with various local charities, Chomesh L’Chinuch has created ShpielTime!, a platform for each school, charity and group to present its own shpiel creativity via online video, with an efficient platform to enable donations via Achisomoch (of course!) as well as credit card, PayPal, etc. The videos will be vetted to ensure they were created in a COVID-conscious manner, and there is a Vaad Rabbonim, led by Rav YM Greenberg, to ensure that the videos are suitable from a halachic, hashkofic and tzenious perspective.

Partnering with both Achisomoch and Charity Extra, Chomesh L’Chinuch will launch the ShpielTime! website featuring all the submitted and approved shpiel videos, days before Purim. All participating organisations are registered local NW London charities and, recognising the special community role of this unique project, no overhead is being charged by any of the organisations involved. This will ensure that 100% of the monies raised will go towards the schools and local charities.

Achisomoch is delighted to be bringing Purim happiness and joy back into our community members’ lives – La’Yehudim Hoso Ohro VeSimcha.

Click here to go to ShpielTime to watch the Shpiels, Enjoy and Donate (live from Thursday Ta’anis Esther till following Sunday).


This article was featured in the Purim 2021 newsletter. Click here to download the full newsletter.