Achisomoch Blog

Security Enhancements

August 2022

A security enhancement update for the protection of AAC’s online accounts was completed during the first week of August. Measures were taken to ensure that all the updates are easy to follow and helpful demo videos are available below.

Please note that due to the security enhancements, clients who had automatic login enabled are required to login on previously signed-in devices.

Below is a brief description on each enhancement.

Forgotten your password?

If you forget your password you can request a reset link which will be sent to your email address. This link allows you to securely update your password.



Forgotten your password on a campaign?

You are able to easily reset your password when making a campaign donation and once reset you will be redirected back to the campaign page to complete your donation.






Automatic Login

Our automatic login option in the ‘Settings’ area has been updated to apply per device and browser rather than per account. You are now able to select which device and browser you would like your account to be permanently logged into.