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How do I get SMS reminders of my account balance and transactions completed?

15th March 2018


AAC tracks the state of your account and can automatically send a message to your mobile phone if a threshold has been exceeded. These thresholds can be personalised in the SETTINGS area on your online account.
You can choose to be notified if the following events occur:

1. Account balance goes low. (The default set is when balance reaches lower than £0)

2. Receiving an incoming payment into your account (The default is on payments of more than £200)

3. Making an outgoing payment either via voucher or online. (The default is on payments of more than £100)

Please Note:

  • These services are available (and free) for all users with a UK mobile phone number
  • You must, of course, notify us of your mobile number via SETTINGS
  • Any Standing Order payments will not feature on outgoing payments notifications.
  • If your account becomes overdrawn you will also get an email.
  • Minimum limits on what you can set thresholds to:
    • Incoming payments – £200
    • Outgoing payments – £50