Turn any Smartphone into a Contactless Terminal

Introducing the AAC App Terminal.
Cost free for charities and donors.

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Almost Effortless Fundraising

The powerful AAC App Terminal enables charities and fundraisers to seamlessly accept donations using their own smartphone - on the AAC app. This all-in-one solution consolidates the functionalities of physical terminals, empowering you to easily fundraise anytime and anywhere. Say goodbye to bulky and expensive terminals.

Compatible with AAC Cards

Our secure, user-friendly App Terminal accepts donations exclusively from AAC Cards.

A Zero-Cost Solution

Increase your donations while reducing your costs. The AAC App Terminal does not impose any charges on charities or donors: No set up costs. No transaction costs. No monthly fees. We believe in maximising the impact of your fundraising efforts by providing this powerful tool completely free of charge.

Real-time Progress Tracking

Easily set-up, manage and monitor your fundraising - tracking your donations on the go. Get valuable insights into donor participation and fundraising success, empowering you to make data-driven decisions and optimise your strategies. Stay connected with your donors every step of the way.

How it works:

Creating App Terminals for your charity

Activate your charity’s App Terminal on your Charity Portal.

Download the AAC app, and log in using your new unique Terminal username and password.

Let the fundraising begin!
Your charity is now instantly empowered to collect donations from a smartphone, wherever you are.

Plus, your fundraisers can collect for your charity using their own smartphones

Log in to the Charity Portal to nominate fundraisers.

Your fundraiser will get an email with a secure AAC app login to access their dedicated App Terminal on their smartphone!


AAC Terminal

The AAC App Terminal is a free feature in the AAC app that lets charities and fundraisers on the charities behalf accept donations from AAC cards using their own smartphones, making fundraising easy and cost-effective.
An AAC card is simply tapped on the smartphone when the App Terminal app is active, just like a regular contactless terminal.

If the card is an AAC ‘Fixed Amount Card’, no amount needs to be entered into the terminal prior to this. This is because each card has a fixed value associated with it.

If the card is an AAC ‘Open Card’, a donation amount will need to be entered on the App Terminal before tapping Donate to confirm the donation.
Charities may wish to create App Terminals for general donations, for specific fundraisers on their behalf, for dinners, Purim shpielers, shul gabbaim, collecting for hachnosos kallah at weddings, etc. The options are limitless.
There are no costs to have access to, or use, the App Terminal. It is a free service for charities and donors.
You can create as many as you’d like, at no cost. You can set these up on your Charity Portal via the My Terminals page. This enables you to create a cost-efficient network of fundraisers, each with a App Terminal on their own smartphone.
This can all be done easily on your Charity Portal. You can see a list of App Terminals you have created, and track the donations made on each one. You can also deactivate a App Terminal if it is no longer required.
That person will receive an email from AAC that provides them with clear instructions on how to login and use a App Terminal for your charity. They simply open the AAC app, and use the ‘Fundraiser login’ to enter a unique username and password that we will provide them with.
Yes. This fundraiser will have a different login for each of his App Terminals associated with the various charities he is fundraising for. Your fundraiser will need to logout from one terminal in order to log in to the other. Additionally, a App Terminal has its charity’s name prominently positioned to ensure minimal chance of any mix up.
Besides the Transactions area within the App Terminal itself, you can view all App Terminal transactions in your regular transactions area on your Charity Portal. They will be marked as ‘card donations’. You can also view each terminal’s specific transactions on the My Terminal area on your Charity Portal.
Yes, on your Charity Portal you can instantly remove a fundraiser’s ability to access a App Terminal to raise funds for your charity.
Please be in contact with our office for alternative terminal solutions.
You will receive your funds within five working days.
Yes, through their AAC online account. In addition, within two hours of making the donation they can cancel it on the App Terminal that was used to make the donation.
No, the App Terminal accepts exclusively AAC Cards.
When using the App Terminal with an Android, instruct the donor to tap their AAC card on the top or middle of the back of the phone. When using the App Terminal with an iPhone, instruct the donor to tap their AAC card on the top part of the screen of your iPhone. For all smartphone devices, please ensure that your device's NFC feature is enabled (most modern smartphones have their NFC enabled by default).

You should see a confirmation on the screen once the payment is successfully processed.
Check that NFC is enabled in settings, ensure a strong internet connection, and remove thick or metallic phone cases that may interrupt the connection. You may also wish to update the app and device OS to ensure NFC is up to date. In addition, using the phone in battery saver mode can sometimes shut down the NFC feature.