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AAC Online System – Version 2.3 Release

02 May, 2017

Version 2.3 – What’s new in this release?


1. Bugs fixed from v2.2

  • Historical standing order data fixes
  • Previous standing order – button pop up fixes
  • Select-a-Charity dropdown bug has been fixed, whereby the selected charity was not recognised by the system
  • Numerous mobile formatting issues
  • Redoing a donation that was made since May 2016 now defaults to correct currency of original donation – not necessarily GBP.
  • Various broken links fixed
  • When making a donation, two confirmation box were showing for a few days.


2. Changes

  • Improved loading times
  • New £2 pre-paid vouchers available for order
  • Quick search now appears on the dashboard and the mobile landing page
  • View Transactions page search filtering UI has been improved
  • The ability to view up to 500 records per page on the View Transactions page
  • When hovering a mouse over the pagination buttons on the View Transactions page, the date of the first record of that page now appears.
  • The Make a Donation screen’s ‘Notes to charity’ box now emphasised to encourage donors to provide notes to charities.
  • New user-friendly pop-up appears if the ‘charity commission’ check box is not checked
  • Consistent pop-up formatting
  • Improved formatting on various mobile pages
  • Voucher numbers now appear on View Transactions page, not only in pop-up
  • New warning system to prevent non intentional ‘double donations’


3. Reported Bugs

  • If left idle, a user has reported the system displaying a static ‘loading’ message.
  • (Let us know if you find more!)


4. Working on…

  • Fixing reported bugs
  • Charts and special reports
  • Allowing you to make a “Anonymous” donations
  • Displaying  £ amount  “being processed”  by the “account balance” at the very top of the page
  • Links to charity commission pages for each (relevant) charity
  • And more!


Please contact us with any queries or suggestions for improvement.