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AAC Online System – Version 2.8a Release

July 6th 2018

Note: Number in square brackets refers to our internal Id

Minor updates are as follows:

  • DG Transaction ID In the “Being processed” screen the “Transaction ID” and users comments are now displayed in a pop-up when a request is clicked upon. [364]
  • PDF export total A total now appears at the bottom of a PDF export showing the total entries, total debits and credits of the entries selected for the export. [359]


Minor cosmetic changes

  • Confirmation pop-up for standing orders The pop-up will now indicate the type and interval of the Standing Order chosen before set-up completed. [358]
  • Currency Symbols in confirmation pop-ups Appropriate currency symbols £ or $ are now shown next to the request amount on all requests for donations or standing orders. Replacing the currency codes of USD and GBP. [358]
  • Voucher book alerts Updated text and better formatting when multiple warnings are displayed [361]


Bugs fixed

  • “More Charities” pop-up on My-Giving now displaying accurately all relevant charities. [362]
  • “More Charities” pop-up button will not be displayed if there are no extra charities to display. [362]
  • Annual standing order interval shown correctly as “Every Year” on the “View Standing Order” screen. [365]
  • Pop-up is displayed on “View Transactions” screen regardless of previous user navigation [364]