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Yom Tov Giving

AAC has simplified the approach for responding to seasonal Pesach and Rosh Hashanah appeals with a special Yom Tov Giving (YTG) facility. The Yom Tov Giving facility is a screen on AAC’s online system which allows you to view and donate to many appeals all in one go!

Electronic copies of London based appeals that have been sent out by post are displayed on the Yom Tov Giving screen for a donor to view and donate online.

Yom Tov Giving Screen:


Yom Tov Giving was incorporated into AAC’s online system for the Pesach 2018 appeal and has since raised over £478,000 across all appeals and is growing in popularity amongst our clients. This service is available to all AAC clients. If you do not have an AAC account and would like to participate in this service you can find more information to open an account here.

If you are connected to a London based charity and have an appeal letter ready to send to your supporters for Rosh Hashonoh or Pesach, you can apply to be included in the YomTov Giving scheme. Please send an electronic copy to

If you already have an AAC account click here to use this facility to donate with YTG.