Introducing AAC Cards

You can now use the new AAC Cards on charities’ payment terminals to make secure donations from your AAC account. You can easily order your free cards right now by logging into your account.

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The AAC Open Card

  • 1 Select Open Card on the terminal and enter the amount you'd like to donate.
  • 2 Press Donate and tap your card to make your donation. (just like shopping!)
  • 3 Your donation will instantly register on your online account, and for additional peace of mind you’ll have two days to cancel the donation via your online account before it is processed.

AAC Fixed Amount Cards

  • 1 Select Fixed Card on the terminal and choose one of your fixed amount cards based on the donation you'd like to give (just like choosing from different value voucher books).
  • 2 Tap your card to make your donation.
  • 3 Your donation will instantly register on your online account, and you’ll have two days to cancel the donation via your online account before it is processed.

Start tapping on two types of terminals

  • 1 The AAC App Terminals - charities and fundraisers can now use our AAC app to turn any smartphone into a convenient payment terminal.
    Are you a charity or fundraiser? Learn more.
  • 2 OneGiv Terminals - our partner, OneGiv, has already distributed a significant number of terminals to local charities and tzedakah collectors.

No matter which payment terminal you're offered, there is no fee for using your AAC Card.

How to Order and Use Your Cards

  • 1Order the cards for free direct from your online account.
  • 2Activate your cards in your online account once they arrive, and set up your PIN number.
  • 3Start using your cards on the AAC App Terminal and OneGiv terminals.
  • 4Easily manage your card from your online account: set limitations, additional layers of security, temporarily block a card, and more! See our FAQs below for more details.
Order My Cards



You can determine how much can be donated per day through each card. Your Open Card can also have a limit on the donation per transaction.
There are no costs to order or use these cards.
We currently offer 50p, £1, £3, £5 and £18. This is in addition to the Open Card which allows you to donate a custom amount.
Per account, you can use one active card per denomination in addition to an open card.
The cards should take 2-3 days to arrive via post. You can pay an additional £5 for same/next day delivery. Alternatively, you can pick your cards up from our office.
Once you receive a card, you will need to login to your AAC account to activate it. This process takes a matter of seconds.
No. When your card is tapped against a terminal, the amount donated will be deducted from your AAC online account as with any other type of donation.
No problem! You can login to your AAC account to block your card until you locate your missing card. If you don’t manage to locate it, you can cancel the card – and order a new one. Records of transactions made on your missing card will not be lost.
Yes. Simply log into your AAC account to instantly change a card’s PIN.
When making donations of £100 or over you will be required to enter your PIN.
You may temporarily block a card – or permanently cancel a card. You can do this via your AAC account.


A card’s transactions will appear on your list of transactions, just like any other transaction. You can also view each card’s transactions by entering into a specific card on the My Cards section of your account.
It will take approximately two days for the card transactions to process. In the meantime, you will be able to cancel the transaction.
If you do not have sufficient funds in your AAC account to process a card transaction, the terminal will not accept the transaction.
Please call our client support team on 020 8731 8988 or email

AAC Terminal

The AAC App Terminal can be used by any individual fundraising with the AAC app on their smartphone and is clearly branded with the AAC logo. OneGiv terminals have an AAC sticker on them to let you know that you can tap your AAC card on it.
Yes, they will work on OneGiv terminals.
See here for FAQs on the AAC App Terminal.