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Introducing My Giving


“How much have I given over the years?”


“Am I giving more than I used to?”


“How much do I give at different stages throughout the year? To who?”


“How much have I given Charity X this year compared to last year?”


With the release of the new My Giving feature in version 2.6, the answers to these questions are just a click away!


The idea for this new facility was born out of feedback that we had received from clients requesting a better way to visually track their giving history. We agreed that having a greater degree of clarity over one’s giving patterns can be of real benefit to all concerned.  As such, we’re delighted that the new My Giving facility is live!



Access My Giving from the left-menu (when using your desktop)



The tool enables you to see a breakdown of your charitable giving via AAC over pre-designated time periods, showing you how your current giving compares to previous years. It is also possible to view this information in the specific context of any of your top 15 beneficiaries.


You can read below a more detailed explanation of this new feature. We are aiming to further enhance this feature, so we’d be delighted with any feedback that you may have.




On the middle top of the display a graph you can see your total donations via AAC in the current year, showing the amount by month. It also shows how it has increased/decreased over the last years.  From the top you can choose what period of cover (year, financial year, calendar year) and whether it’s only for the current year or for all your donations since the account was opened


At the top right of the display you can see your favourite charities and how much was given to each one this year. At the bottom of the list you can click to see more of your top charities. You can click on any row and then see all the donations you gave in that month/year.


At the lower part of the screen you can see more about each period (year or month) to include


  • Month/Year*
  • Donated Amount *
  • Total number of Donations *
  • Number of vouchers
  • Number of online donations
  • Average amount of donations *
  • Most supported charity
  • Amount donated to that charity

Note: Only those marked with asterisk are displayed on the mobile version


We hope that My Giving provides you with additional clarity to help you with your future donations.