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AAC Online System – Version 2.6 Release

Jan 7th 2018

Version 2.6 is now up and running!


We’re very grateful to those clients who have  taken the time to suggest new features, report bugs, and help with the beta testing.


The main updates are as follows:


  • We’ve released a brand-new section that provides clarity on your giving patterns – “My Giving”. Know how much you have given to which charities, and when. Learn more.
  • There is a ‘News’ section that links to useful AAC insights and articles covering tax efficient giving, product updates, organisational news, compliance information, and more..
  • You have more flexibility in customising your SMS alert settings – you can now choose at which point which SMS alerts you receive, and when.
  • Your Currently ‘Being Processed’ screen now also shows the value of the transactions being processed, as does the link to this screen.
  • You can now search for an organisation using the Vaad Hatzdokoh number (e.g. VH1666) that appears on each Vaad Hatzdokoh certificate.
  • You can now search for Transaction ID (or DG number)  via the Quick Search feature.
  • Going forward, the exact time of every transaction request are now displayed


Summary of general maintenance updates:




  • Make a Donation page – the ‘Notes to charity’ text box is now more prominent
  • Confirmation messages have been visually updated
  • Confirmation message for donations under £100 now reflects that the process time may be up to two weeks.
  • Order voucher book page formatting is improved to reduce unintended voucher book orders.
  • The number of charities features in drop down has increased to 30
  • Internet Explorer users have warning message when logging in


Bugs fixed from v2.5


  • The ‘redo voucher order’ button now functions reliably.
  • When making larger donations some additional compliance information is requested. Some formatting issues here are now fixed.
  • Some iPhone users were having issues searching transactions. While not always easy to replicate, we believe this issue has been fixed. Please let us know if you are still experiencing this issue.
  • Various visual formatting issues were fixed
  • The Refer-a-Friend feature was unstable for some users – this is now fixed.


Reported Bugs


  • Some Internet Explorer users are reporting formatting issues, which are often difficult to replicate
  • Tablet users have reported not being able to click on the “Export Data” button, but we are having difficult replicating this issue.


Working on…


  • Yet more new reports
  • Direct links to Charity Commission pages for each (relevant) charity
  • Stronger passwords for all users – for improved security.
  • Encryption of all system files – as part of extensive work for DGPR
  • Much improved “search for charity” on the dropdown list
  • And more!


We’re looking for more users to help with beta testing of future releases. Find our more.


David Kahan

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