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AAC Online System – Version 2.8 Release

June 22nd 2018

The main updates are as follows:

  • Annual Standing Orders You can now order a standing order to be paid just once a year – the start time can be set to the first of any month over the next 12 months. Even monthly or bi monthly SO’s can now be started on the first of any month over the next 12 months.
  • View notes fields on CSV and XLS exports when exporting transaction data. This now includes NOTES For Self, Charity and Office.
  • PDF export  In addition to CSV and XLS export options for most of the reports, you can now obtain a file in PDF format – making it much easier to print. Please note this report does not contain your notes/comments.
  • Get reports by email – all the transaction reports in (Excel, CSV or PDF format) can now be emailed to your email address. Hence it is easier to manipulate on your computer at a later time.
  • Improving search when looking for a charity. You can now use the keywords OR and AND  (e.g. Kollel AND Jerusalem to narrow the search)


Minor/internal changes

  • Better logging of clients activity of the site
  • When “recommendations” made – identities of all parties are shown to the office.
  • Fixed bug in warning message when you order a new voucher book but already have unused books for that denomination
  • Better tracking of user requests for audit purposes
  • Removed all details of lapsed clients (GDPR restrictions)
  • More help for clients/charity logins


Bugs / Cosmetics fixed from v2.7a

  • Fixed bug if an ampersand (&) appeared in your password
  • Spelling errors of pop-up for amount over compliance threshold
  • Adjusted greeting on some internal emails
  • Fixed display options for new clients


Reported Bugs

  • Some Internet Explorer users are reporting formatting issues, which are often difficult to replicate.


Working on…

  • Improved security.
  • New reports.
  • And more!

We are looking for more users to help with beta testing of future releases.

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