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AAC Online System – Version 2.6a Release

Jan 20th 2018

Version 2.6 has received an update.


The main updates are as follows:


  • On ‘Standing Order history’ section for a specific charity, the order is changed so that the most recent SO is listed first (and is now consistent with other modules).
  • In the ‘Being processed’ section, Pre-paid voucher (PPV) books are now taken into account.
  • Significant improvement in speed when moving through pages of “View transactions”.
  • When searching for a charity in “Make a donation”, we will now highlight the actual name that you were looking for, to make it easier to select the correct charity.


Bugs / Cosmetics fixed from v2.6


  • For Mobile version we fixed:
    • A “My Giving formatting bug on the ‘All Time’ page. (Learn more about My Giving).
    • A pagination issue.
  • Occasionally a blank charity was displayed in ‘My Giving’.
  • Minor spelling errors.


Reported Bugs


  • Some Internet Explorer users are reporting formatting issues, which are often difficult to replicate.
  • Tablet users have reported not being able to click on the “Export Data” button, but we are having difficult replicating this issue.


Working on…


  • Yet more new reports.
  • Direct links to Charity Commission pages for each (relevant) charity.
  • Stronger passwords for all users – for improved security.
  • Encryption of all system files – as part of extensive work for DGPR.
  • Much improved “search for charity” on the dropdown list.
  • And more!


We’re looking for more users to help with beta testing of future releases. Find out more.


David Kahan


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