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AAC Online System – Version 2.7 Release

March 19 2018

Version 2.6a has received an update.


The main updates are as follows:


  • Gift-Aid Deposits Report – This report shows the Gift-Aid payments that you paid into your account. You can download this report as a PDF.(learn more)
  • Donations Report –  It will show all monies received into your account by AAC, primarily for tax purposes. You can download this report as a PDF. (learn more)
  • Voucher Books Report – This reports lists all of your voucher books, and how they have been used. (learn more)
  • Voucher book alerts – Have you ever ordered a voucher book, only to then realise upon receipt that you already had one (or several!) unspent voucher books in this denomination? In this scenario, a polite alert will appear when you attempt to make what may be an unnecessary order.
  • A new landing page for the Reports section
  • You can now donate to this year’s YomTovGiving (learn more) directly from your AAC account. It will be the forerunner of a new feature to donate to multiple charities more speedily.
  • SMS alerts – new default and minimum values now apply (learn more)


Bugs / Cosmetics fixed from v2.6a


  • Some minor text issues
  • On the ‘processing transactions’ screen, any voucher book had a ‘repeat’ action instead of a ‘delete’ action.
  • On the ‘Make a Donation’ page and ‘Voucher Book Ordering’ page we have replaced some ‘slider’ buttons with what we hope will be easier to use buttons
  • We have slightly moved some fields around to make the setting up a standing order process somewhat clearer
  • Fixed a problem whereby some one-off donations were marked as a ‘standing order’ in the confirmation message.


Reported Bugs


  • Some Internet Explorer users are reporting formatting issues, which are often difficult to replicate.


Working on…


  • Yet more new reports.
  • Direct links to Charity Commission pages for each (relevant) charity.
  • Stronger passwords for all users – for improved security.
  • Encryption of all system files – as part of extensive work for DGPR.
  • Much improved “search for charity” on the dropdown list.
  • And more!


We’re looking for more users to help with beta testing of future releases. Find out more.


David Kahan


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